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Caroline Harris was born and lived in London till her thirties, when she decided that she wanted a better-quality life for herself and small children and knew that Spain was the place that just might have the lifestyle she had dreamed of for her family. She arrived in Castelldefels in Catalunya in 2000, without a word of Spanish or Catalan, with her four small children.

The start of an exciting, albeit a little bit of a scary adventure!  Her children thankfully adapted and soaked up the new lifestyle as easily as the sun.  All adventures have their bumps in the road, so a divorce, a child’s illness, a need for full-time employment and a move to the greener, more familiar Galicia, later, they found their new forever home in the vibrant and beautiful city of Vigo on the spectacular coast of Galicia and have never looked back since.

Reflecting on her own journey, the only regret Caroline expresses is that during the difficult moments and sometimes years, there wasn’t someone to go to for help, when your language skills are basic and understanding of the system, bureaucracy and culture is minimum. So, it was a great source of joy for Caroline to find Age in Spain, who were a charity dedicated to helping the elderly, vulnerable and those who just need a helping hand to be able to overcome their own personal struggles on their journeys. Starting as a volunteer and then becoming the coordinator for Northern Spain, she found it the most rewarding of positions where she could make a difference in people lives. Passing on advice and experience and sometimes, just simply helping someone fill out a form, to be that person who helps others with their bumps in the road and make the transition a little bit easier made every day a good day.

This is why, when Brexit meant the end of her role with Age in Spain, she decided to pursue the idea within the same vein but also draw from her own professional background in real estate, interior design, as well as many years of personal experiences and lessons learned on Spanish bureaucracy, education social systems to start a new project designed to help people find their dream home and lifestyle in this beautiful part of the world we call  Galicia & Green Spain. As a result, Galica & Green Spain Property & Relocation was born which just years on has grown and now has other like-minded, amazing consultants who are spread out over Galicia and Asturias ensuring we can assist as many people as possible on their journeys and find the right home for them, to live their best lives, making their dreams a reality.


Donna Gonzalez-Linnitt born in the UK with Asturian heritage is an enthusiastic, detail-orientated and client focused professional with a passion for delivering exceptional results in the competitive field of Real Estate. Donna possesses excellent communication skills, fluent in English, Spanish and German and the ability to build lasting relationships with clients and industry professionals. Over the past 30 years Donna has acquired extensive experience in managing the legal intricacies of property transactions, ensuring a seamless and compliant process for her clients.

Donna thrives on the challenge of helping clients find their ideal homes, combining a sharp eye for property selection with a commitment to delivering exceptional service. Born into an international family of property developers Donna is a seasoned professional with a wealth of expertise in the realm of new construction bespoke villas and refurbishment projects. Her specialization extends to cosmetic works and comprehensive site supervision, covering the entire spectrum from foundation to the delivery of turn-key villas.

“I have successfully revitalized and refurbished multiple properties of my own over the past decades. I certainly enjoy it more for our clients as I find it very rewarding to follow the process of rapidly enhancing the aesthetic appeal and market resale value of the properties”.


Being originally from Asturias, Estefanía grew up with a passion for nature and the outdoors. She worked for a rural and property business in her early twenties before moving to the UK where she lived for 14 years. After exploring big cities like London for a few years, the beautiful hills of Monmouthshire in Wales made her fall in love again with the countryside.

Old cottages, open fires, forests, and rivers are the places where her heart feels at home.

Following this call, Estefanía has recently relocated to north Galicia with her family, where we they are restoring an abandoned hamlet along with many other projects.

She loves sharing her passion for rural living and the outdoors in stunning Galicia, which never seizes to amaze her with its majestic beauty both coastal and inland. Helping people to find their dream place is what brought her to join this fabulous team of women of Galicia & Green Spain Property & Relocation. Estefanía looks forward to meeting you soon!


Lucie, born in the Czech Republic, grew up in the heart of Europe, Prague. Her lifelong passion for traveling, meeting new people, and learning languages inspired her to embark on a journey early on in life.

She first moved to Munich, Germany, where she began learning German. Later, she settled in the Canary Islands, Spain, where she spent a decade working in the tourism industry, helping others make the most of their holidays.

As a mother she decided to focus on raising her children while also pursuing a career in real estate. Seeking a cooler climate, she relocated to the lush greenery of Galicia after finding the Canary Island climate too warm. There, she continued her work in real estate, helping people find their dream homes.

Lucie’s interests include yoga, mountain climbing, and exploring nature with her dog, showcasing her love for the outdoors.

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