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We can also advise you on the best area that might be the dream lifestyle you have in mind, whether it be city life, a townhouse in a village or a country house or one of the many beautiful coastal areas of Northern Spain.

You can also look through our section on locations on our website. 

This is updated regularly and contains information, photos, videos and testimonials of others like you who have made the move.



Sometimes the bureaucracy can be very frustrating especially if you are in a country you are not familiar with or are not fluent in its Language.

We can advise and guide you through some of the processes that are required by Local Authorities.

We can provide a translator to accompany you if the process is required to be made in person and we have a number of recommended and collaborative professionals such as English speaking Solicitors, Tax advisors and Insurance agents should they be required, for more complicated affairs.

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There are three types of schooling available: Public, Semi-Private and Private which include British, International and Montessori schools.

As a mother of five who has attended all three types and as an ex Teacher and Schools Academic Coordinator, I am very familiar with nearly every school in the Galician region and many contacts in the other regions of Northern Spain.

I can offer you information and advice on which schools would be best suited to your children depending on your circumstances and the area/s you have chosen.


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