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Elena Lino - Galicia Property Lawyers

Elena Lino is an English-speaking Spanish solicitor, registered with the Pontevedra Law Society for over 20 years. Elena practices law in Spain, managing her own law firm, with an extensive experience in property law. The firm focuses on delivering the highest standard of service with a personal touch that really makes the difference.

Based in Galicia, Elena is familiar with the regional urban plans /laws and the problems specific to the region. Likewise, she can easily visit the Notaries and the town hall of the municipality where you are buying.

Elena has been working with international clients, mainly British for over 15 years.

Rental Insurance:

Many landlord’s will require a Non Payment insurance when renting in Spain, especially if you have recently moved to the area or have income from a international source. Many insurance companies that work with local Estate/letting agents will not cover a person who does not have a permanent Spanish Salary. Not only can we help your find and negotiate your rental we can also provide you with a collaborative and reputable insurance company who can provide insurance for extenuating circumstances.

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