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This province is bordered by A Coruña to the north, Lugo to the northeast, Ourense to the east, Portugal to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, so it has drawn from all these influences to form its own character. Especially known for its amazing coastal locations, such as the  along the Rias Baixas and Val Miñor. Pontevedra is also home to the Vibrant city of Vigo with its cosmopolitan feel as well as the pedestrianised pretty town of Pontevedra. The whole province is rich in history, excellent wines and cuisine as well as an amazing coast line and beautiful rural countryside.

Pontevedra Town

Pontevedra is a city in northwest Spain. It’s known for its well-preserved old town and Gothic Santa María la Mayor Basilica. The Ruínas de San Domingos are the remains of a 14th-century convent. Nearby, the Sexto Edificio museum showcases Galician art. Northeast, Illa das Esculturas is an island with outdoor sculptures. Northwest of town, Mosteiro de Santa María de Armenteira is a 12th-century Cistercian monastery.

The town is mostly pedestrianised and has a host of restaurant cafes


Enjoy the natural and cultural heritage in Cerdedo-Cotobade. Take a look at our proposals. Galicia and its magic, wild and protected spaces. Its art, its Architecture, its churches, its historic-cultural ensembles, its archives, libraries, museums, Ethnographic parks, Recreation Areas, Viewpoints, Beaches and Rias.Cerdedo is a former municipality in Galicia, Spain in the province of Pontevedra.

Ponte Caldelas


Xustáns is a parish located in the municipality of Ponte Caldelas, Spain. Population was 553 in 2013 Census. Xustáns is located NW Spain and SE Galicia. It is a countryside area close to the city of Pontevedra



Redondela is a town in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia, northwestern Spain. The most famous icon of the village is its sky chaired by two major railway viaducts built in the nineteenth century. Due to these infrastructures Redondela is known under the nickname “Village of the viaducts


Cangas, also known as Cangas do Morrazo, is a seaside resort in southwestern Galicia, Spain. It is both a town and municipality in the province of Pontevedra. Its area is about 38,1 km² and has a population of around 26,087 inhabitants


San Martín de Moaña is a parish in the municipality of Moaña, in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia.

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Rias Baixas

The Rias Baixas lie along the coast between village of Cambados and the town of Pontevedra which is scattered with many beautiful villages, The land of Albariño wine! There are so many things to do and see along this magnificent coast.


Sanxenxo is a vibrant yet elegant Location. It is an extremely popular tourist destination, not only for the abundance of eateries, bars and exciting  night life but also for the amazing beaches and a host of things to do from water-sports to relaxing Spas.



Cambados is commonly known as  Albariño wine country, a famous This charming coastal village, with it’s Parador de Cambados is located in an elegant ancestral mansion. It many cultural attractions such as ruins of Santa Mariña de Dozo and the church of San Benito. It also has a host of wine bars and eateries along its beautiful promenade.

O Grove

Located on the Exclusive Island A Toxa just off O Grove is the famous shell covered church and definitely worth a visit. O Grove is well known for its beautiful Stretch of beaches, such as the spectacular La Lanzada!

Originally a fisherman’s Village it is strewn with charming streets to explore and offers splendid views of the rocky coast along the promenade in san Vicente.

O Grove is also known as the Paradise of Beaches



Estrada is anextremely Green tranquil and beautiful Rural are, sparsely scattered with small villages and hamlets.

The area on the whole Is a myriad of winding roads of well manicured countryside. It’s closeness to Santiago de Compostela makes international communications and all the amenities that a city provides within easy reach.

Estrada belongs to The Tabeirós-Terra De Montes ( Land of mountain/hills) and is littered with a host of historical landmarks and ancient stone churches and buildings.

Estrada also has a host of traditional customs, cuisine and celebratory fiestas and festivals such as the Salmon Festival



Ponteareas is town and municipality in the province of Pontevedra, in Spain. It is located on the Vigo-Benavente highway and on the river Tea, a right-hand tributary of the Miño. It is the chief town of a fertile hilly region, which produces wine, grain and fruit, and contains many cattle farms.

As Neves


Salceda de Caselas

Val miñor

Val Miñor is one of the most beautiful areas  located in the Ría de Vigo and Baixo Miño. Baiona, Gondomar and Nigrán are the three villages and councils that make up The valmiñor. They are situated on the coast but also extend inland to more rural natural terrain.

.The Vla Miñor is one of the main tourist areas of Galicia due to its natural beauty as well as  cultural and leisure attractions.

The region has artefacts from thousands of years of history as by its Paleolithic sites. Castros, Romanesque art, monasteries, bridges and castles are some of the traces of the past that have survived in Val Miñor.

The are natural parks and rural spaces places  such as the Serra da Groba, Cabo Silleiro or the Foz del Río Miñor are a great attraction to the area.

The area also offers a rich gastronomy, a lively nightlife, places to enjoy the thermal waters not to mention a range of activities available including nautical and waters sports as well as adventure sports. The secret coves and spectacular beaches of Val Miñor are an ideal destination to relax, swim, sunbathe or take a walk


Situated in the beautiful Val Miñor region ,Nigrán, is a very popular destination due to its attractive Port in Panjon with its promenade that overlooks the famous Playa America with cafes and Restaurants offering fresh local cuisine.

Nigrán is sea and mountain, a place of pazos, nature and small and large coves with white sandy beaches

Monteferro, a natural park that stretches  almost a kilometer and a half into the sea, offering exceptional sea view to contemplate the ocean and the Cies Islands. The Cies – an idyllic Natural reserve which has the appearance of a paradise island in the Caribbean rather than Northern Spain. You can make day trips via Boat from Bayonne or Vigo Port.


Bayonne is one of the favourite Coastal destinations to spend the day, weekend or as a holiday destination.

 It has a fabulous old town and regular medieval festivals celebrating Cristopher Columbus’s departure to the Americas in 1492. The Pintor occupies a place in the originally fisherman village’s impressive Marina over shadowed by a beautifully Historic Parador.

There are host of restaurants offering the best of fresh shellfish cuisine as well as chic bars and shops.

The village also has its own beaches and celebrates many Fiestas/concerts/festivals.

The Arriba Festival


Gondomar is not only a pretty village surrounded by beautiful Green and rural areas , but also it’s an unique location as it falls within the sought after Val Miñor, which means Valley Miñor, and benefits from probably the best micro climate in Galicia as well as it’s proximity to spectacular beaches such as Playa America and the  Chic fishing village of Bayonne. 

The Area has easy access to the motor way which takes 12 minutes to reach the city of Vigo. Here you have all the amenities and communications you could wish for, an international airport, trains including fast ones to Madrid or A Coruña as well as a Multitude of bus services.

The Portuguese border is 20 mins away as are the river bank beaches and two bridges to cross over to enjoy the wonderful villages to be found at the very North of Portugal.

The cuisine in this area is one of its many attractions from other spaniards who often holiday in the Val Miñor but mostly In the neighbouring areas of Nigran & Bayonne where you will find a multitudes of restaurants, eateries and cafes.

Gondomar benefits from not having too much over crowding during the Summer months, but has a continually thriving village and a few chic bars and restaurants of its own.

Gondomar also offers all the amenities you could possibly require, including the local council offices, Police/Guardia Civil stations, supermarkets, garden centres, and a fresh food market.

 It also has an impressive picturesque church in the centre as well as a number of others I local neighbourhoods. Ramallosa which is less than two min drive toward the coast also has a medium size shopping centre. Larger shopping centres can be found in Vigo, Tuy and Portugal all of which Gondomar is central to. 

There are several schools in Gondomar : infants, primary and two high schools ( 3rd on its border with Nigran ).There is also an international school which offers Montessori style education Til 12 years of age and a British school 15 mins away and offering school bus pickup/drop offs through Gondomar. 

There are many celebrations, festivals and concerts held in Gondomar especially in the spring and summer. You can always enjoy traditionally served Octopus (Pulpo) at the weekends open air dining in the Village square 

Lots of historic landmarks, a large park, varios sports areas and football pitches, Hiking routes, river bank walks and natural spaces for picnics days out.. There are a host of activities such as horse riding and quad biking and water sports are not far away. 

Baixo Miño



This tiny village is located high up behind the bay of the Val Miñor is surrounded by natural countryside, partly forest , partly open mountainous terrain.

Here cattle and wild horses roam free!

A favourite for hikers, horse riders and cyclists as well as mushroom hunters. This area over looks the bay and open ocean with views impossible to beat.


La Guardia



El Rosal


Barro is located in an unsurpassable natural park of the Barosa River. Within this park, it is worth taking a hiking route that will reveal, among other things, the nearly twenty water mills distributed around the river. It also has an incredible beautiful waterfall. The  village has many interesting historic sites such as the Pazo da Crega and  monuments such as the church of San Martiño de Agudelo, from the 12th century, one of the best examples of Galician Romanesque architecture in the province.

Caldas de Reis

Caldas de Reis with its charming cobbled streets and a number of points of interest, such as the thermal spring of Las Burgas. The village centre has is a curious fountain from which hot water flows and also boasts an ancient Roman stone bridge. The amazing landscapes make for beautiful hiking trails and lots of intimate bathing areas surrounded by nature.


Combarro is said to be one of the most beautiful villages in Galicia on the shores of the Atlantic.

What makes it so extremely beautiful, moreover, is its essence, its history: It is a fishing village in which dozens of hórreos were built, once necessary for the preservation of food. A very popular tourist attraction despite the small streets of this quaint Village.

Isla de Arousa

Located in front of Villanueva de Arousa is this island that was declared a Nature Reserve by the European Union. This decision was taken because of the 36 km of coastline it has, of which eleven are made up of beautiful beaches of fine white sand. It is also a popular tourist destination, linked as it is to the Iberian Peninsula by a 2km long bridge. The Island of Arosa is located in the estuary of the same name and constitutes a different experience within Pontevedra.

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