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Interior Design

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An outdoor dining room, a terrace with plants, a chill-out area, a treehouse and much more.

We offer a range variety of residential design services: home renovations, consulting, decoration, interior design, landscaping, property finder, home staging and personal shopper. We work with contractors, real estate agents and other industry professionals and brands around the world. 


Are you thinking about changing the interior of your property and don’t know where to look for new elements?

Or do would you like to consult an interior designer but don’t know any in the region?

We can put you in touch with experienced and reliable craftsmen as well as other real estate services for you. And to begin with, we will happily give you our best insider tips on shops, fitness and wellness offer and, if you would like our assistance

When you buy a home, our experience tells us, that most of our clients start with changing all the furniture and then they start thinking about renovating the kitchen and bathrooms.

Do you also enjoy cooking in a brand new kitchen? Or do you have a specific style, farmhouse or modern, pitch black or light white?

If you don’t know where to start looking for a new kitchen or stylish bathroom elements, get in touch with us and ask us about our discounts we can offer you!

Allow us to Homestage your property

Home Staging is a real estate marketing technique, that prepares a property for its commercialisation and presentation to potential buyers or tenants.

The purpose is to make the property more attractive and clients wish to actually live in it, to get it sold or rented in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price: Up to 95%!

It is especially recommended to give a modern and fresh look with new furniture, or when the property needs a total renovation so that your clients see the possibilities and not the flaws of the property.

Traditionally, home staging involves the expense of small repairs and rental of furniture with agencies especially dedicated to it. But technology now allows us the possibility of doing it virtually at a lower cost.

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